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Detox me now!

Only £175


Intolerance testing

Colon Hydrotherapy

Well Done

Article written: by FPD Team

A huge well done to my latest students, Collette O Dwyer, Gita Chudasama, Marina Mouyiassi and Melodie Vincent, I wish you every success.

Thanks to my student Erica

Article written: by FPD Team

Hi , thank you so much for a fantastic and inspirational course in Colonic and A&P.

I open my clinic in Sheffield on 28th May 2012 and am really looking forward to treating people because I know the benefits are amazing! Kelly is such a lovely person and an amazing teacher, I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Erica xx (A New U Ltd, 8-10 Church St, Ecclesfield, S365 9WE,Tel: 0114 2450005)

Thanks to Simon Cowell…

Article written: by FPD Team

Thanks for letting the world know the value of Colon Hydrotherapy – on your list of things you couldn’t do without.

Congratulations to me!

Article written: by FPD Team

I have recently been chosen as the RICTAT Midlands Training School of only three in the country, seven in the world. RICTAT approved mentor and school.


Article written: by FPD Team

A huge congratulations to my latest students, Wendy Wallace and Erica Sanderson, I wish you every success in your businesses.