How much can I earn?

You may be asking yourself a number of questions right now: is colonic irrigation something I really want to do? Can I change my career? Will I cope with the pressure of working and studying? Am I capable of running my own business?

One of the questions that undoubtedly would cross you mind is: how much will I be able to earn after graduation?


Prices of colonic irrigation treatments vary from country to country, and even from area to area in the same city or country. In the UK, you can charge from about £60 to about £90 per session. Usually colon therapists are also able to offer their customers courses of sessions at a slight discount.

Being a colon hydrotherapist can make you a good living. We often talk to our former students, whose gross earnings run upwards of £1,500 per week. We have trained very financially successful colon therapists in Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Dubai and other countries. Some of them are integrative and offer other services, however some specialise on colon therapy and refer their clients to other practitioners for nutrition or bodywork.

To understand how much money you will actually keep, you need to deduct your outgoings from this figure. Your outgoings will include the start-up costs, insurance and memberships, rent of the premises, which varies widely; advertising costs; marketing costs; the cost of the disposables that you use on every client (between £3 and £5 per session) and incidental expenses.

To survive as a self-employed therapist, just as any self-employed professional, you will need to develop business and marketing skills very quickly. The six-day practical training takes place in a working clinic, so you will be able not only to observe good business and marketing practices, but also develop good and wise habits from the outset. All our trainers are successful therapists and business people, so use the time on the course to get as much information out of them as possible!

When you purchase Aqua-Clinic equipment which is easy to install or take from clinic to clinic and provides great value for money, your set-up costs are usually minimal provided that you find the right premises from the outset. You can start your colon hydrotherapy business from around £5,000-£5,500 including the training, equipment and the plumbing work.