Insurance for Colon Hydrotherapists – RICTAT members

Holistic Insurance Services

We all need to have insurance. As a complementary health professional, you have a choice of several insurers, however, the group policy, that the International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers has negotiated with Holistic Insurance Services for UK-based therapists, is undoubtedly the best value for money in the current market!

For a start, you will be dealing with a specialist insurers who for the last 10 years have developed a thorough understanding of treatments and the training required for being a safe therapist. We earned a lot of credit with HIS for using disposables or a hospital-quality autoclave.

Basic insurance for colon therapists is only £117 per annum, and the standard cover is £5 million. Is it an overkill? No, not at all. Councils and health spas won’t accept any cover under £2 million. In the society which is becoming more and more litigious, a lot of landlords now require £3m as a standard, so it won’t be long till £5m also becomes a norm.

In addition, this £5m cover will cost you far less than a £1 million cover offered by the competition.

The other advantage is renewal date: you can renew at any time. Holistic Insurance Services, unlike other insurers, do not have a set renewal date, allowing you to manage your cashflow better.

And, here are the other massive advantages: over 100 treatments included in £117 as standard, such as massage, nutrition, naturopathy, hot stones, EFT, counseling and many, many others); you can teach for no extra cost; and if you are based in the UK but you go working abroad you will also be insured in most countries (the two notable exceptions are the USA and Canada; however most countries are covered).

In addition, the cover stretches to Legal Expenses, including:

  • Criminal prosecution defence; Data Protection Act prosecution;
  • Inland Revenue and PAYE investigation;
  • Representation in connection with a disciplinary hearing being conducted by a Membership Association to which you belong;
  • Representation for civil legal proceedings in respect of allegations of wrongful arrest or malicious prosecution;
  • Representation for civil legal proceedings in your capacity as a trustee of a pension fund set up for the benefit of your employees;
  • 24 hour Legal advice line provided by First Assist;
  • Counselling Service – you have access to a free confidential telephone counselling service, provided by professionally qualified counsellors;
  • Health and Wellbeing – you have access to free health and wellbeing advice provided by teams of doctors, nurses and specialists, and also to an online health portal.

What more can we ask for?