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Erica Sanderson

“Since my Colonic training with Kelly in 2012, I have set up my clinic and over the past few years have been building up my client base and I absolutely love helping people with all sorts of digestive issue and general well being. I have also completed the Advanced Colonic training with Kelly.

Kelly has such a vast knowledge of nutrition and the digestive system. She is a fantastic teacher and has also provided amazing support afterwards on going. Many thanks Kelly as I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career without you”

Erica Sanderson
A New U, Sheffield
07841 474988

A New U

Tristan Earl

The studio

Tristan trained with Midlands Colonic Training Aug 2016 after his wife needed a second pair of hands in the clinic. Tristan is now Director of Colchester Colonics along with his wife Natalie. The business is doing well and the duo are now moving to a bigger clinic!

Rosie Matthews

My initial interest in colon hydrotherapy, nutrition and techniques to manage stress came about after going through a number of challenging life events and needing to manage the stress that inevitably came with them.  The biggest factor was losing my mum to bowel cancer.

I decided on the training and it was a life changing decision foe me. colon hydrotherapy, nutrition advice and massage.  I am in business and building my client base.

The course was momentous for me and I would recommend Midlands Colonic Training without hesitation. The course was fantastic, I learnt so much in fact I have already returned for different courses I enjoyed it so much!!