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Kelly Hopley

The head trainer of Midland Colonic Training, Kelly Hopley is a qualified teacher as well as an advanced Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor. Kelly is also a qualified Nutritionist consulting in her clinic and writing presently for Natural Health Magazine. Kelly has a passion for health and has a unique rapport with her students enabling them to learn and succeed. Kelly has worked in the health and fitness industry for fourteen years, Kelly now spends her time teaching and speaking at Health events. Kelly trains the students herself ensuring complete knowledge for all students. Kelly is also the author of The Hava Programme detox guide.

Why study at the Midlands Colonic Training

This is the only school in the country run by a qualified nutritionist obviously Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy go hand in hand more than any other two therapies. Our trainer will make sure you receive a good understanding of Nutrition on your course so you can better advise your clients. Our school has a unique relationship with a professional supplier of Colon Hydrotherapy equipment which ensures the best deal on the best equipment. This relationship also ensures students have ongoing practical help when setting up their n clinics and servicing their machines. In the unlikely event the course is not passed in the six day course period-students can continue studying at no further expense.

Colonic Training – How to become a Colon Hydrotherapist

If you have a current Anatomy and Physiology qualification and evidence of practice in a body based, medical or holistic therapy you will be considered for the training course.

I haven’t done my Anatomy and Physiology?

Don’t worry, it is still possible. You would need to complete the Anatomy and Physiology course before you sit the Colon Hydrotherapy course, again you would need to be prepared for home study as well as course time.

How long does the course last?

The course lasts for eight days and you will be well prepared for the examination and practical assessment.

What is a typical day?

A typical day starts at 9am and includes three hours of theory followed by roughly five to six hours of practical work. This is an intensive course but at the same time very enjoyable. You will be sent your course handbook before the start of the course.

How do we practice?

We do our practicals at Nutrience Clinic on actual clients- this is the only way to get a real understanding of what it is like to be a colon hydrotherapist. Students will be required to take real life case study information to allow for a better experience for the client and student.

I am worried about the exams?

Please do not worry about the exams, whatever level you feel you are at you will be more than prepared for the examinations.